Top Reasons Why Pregnant Women Faint

At some point during her pregnancy, a patient might complain of dizziness or “fainting.”  However, the challenge is to determine if this is an isolated incident or does the patient need additional tests?

True fainting (or syncope) means that there has been a temporary loss of consciousness and the patient is no longer standing.  This usually occurs when there is a temporary decrease in the blood flow to the brain. The most common reason patients faint is because of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), especially during the first trimester. However, hypoglycemia does not explain all reasons for fainting.

During pregnancy, the blood vessels are opened wide (dilated) which sometimes decreases the amount of blood flowing within the chambers of the heart. It therefore beats slower. A slow heart beat (aka bradycardia) produces symptoms of dizziness or fainting.  However, there are also serious conditions that also cause fainting and it’s important to know the difference. Listed below are examples of fainting that require additional tests:

  1. Fainting associated with a loss consciousness that lasts for greater than 15 minutes
  2. Fainting associated with loss of urine
  3. Fainting preceded by shortness of breath, light-headedness, chest pain and a fast heartbeat
  4. Fainting associated with significant disorientation, weakness of limbs, numbness and abnormal movements

Items 1, 2 and 4 require a neurology consultation to rule out a seizure disorder or a space-occupying tumor. Item 3 requires a cardiologist (heart specialists) to look for heart problems or, on rare occasions, a blood clot in the lungs. These are extremely rare conditions that most pregnant women will never experience.

Most pregnant women can avoid fainting episodes by drinking lots of fluids, avoid prolonged periods of standing, get up SLOWLY if sitting down for long periods of times and wear stockings that improve circulation. Thankfully, unless fainting has been associated with a serious condition, there will be no harm to the baby.

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70 thoughts on “Top Reasons Why Pregnant Women Faint

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  2. I am Five months pregnant and have been suffering with nausea and dizziness while working. It gets really hot where I work. My doctor says dizziness is not caused by pregnancy I should see a family doctor. Is he lying or just doesnt know what hes talkn about? Would appreciate anyones feedback might need to switch doctors.

    • Thanks for your comment. Let me begin by saying that legally, I can’t give medical opinions but can provide educational information. Your comment makes me sad because many of my colleagues do not like at the “whole” patient, just the part that fits their specialty. Nausea at 5 months needs to be addressed. Do you eat fried foods or foods that contain a lot of fat grams? Gallbladder disease which is increasing during pregnancy is something to rule out. Dizziness might indicate low iron levels and needs to be explored. Trust your instincts. If your physician is not giving you the attention you require, a second opinion from another physician or midwife might be a good idea. Thanks for your comment and hope you will “like” me on Facebook. Have a healthy pregnancy!

      • I passed out today at my doc appt. I had just drank my glucose drink and was lying down having my ultrasound. Started feeling sick like I was going to vomit. She sat me up and I went out. Got super dizzy and body went numb. Then the lights went out. What could this be from?

    • i fatited in a post office and i dont no what it was from im not prenegnt im hopeing im not but dont no how i fainted never happend me before

      • im 14 weeks pregnant and recently i took a slow walk down the road, it was hot that day, i had been drinking water along the way and eating sweets, then all of a sudden i got dizzy, i felt light headed, i couldnt control my movemments, then i went numb and lights out, its never happened to me before

  3. #3 Happens to me frequetly at work. I am currently seeing a cardiologist for this and wearing a 24 hr holter heart monitor. Should I be put on bed rest. This has been going on since I was 2 months and I am currently 6months.

  4. Myy daughter is 5 months pregnant and is passing out sometimes in the mornings about 45 to an hour after she eats. She is typcially sitting down when it happens. States she gets this feeling of having over eaten and feels her stomach is too full. Again it has usually been 45 minutes to an hour after she has eaten and she has NOT overeaten. She has a history of low blood sugar so has been testing her blood sugar but blood sugar appears to be fine. A bit low but nothing too alarming. Dr has tested for anemia and it shows normal for a healthy pregnant woman. Dr is not sure what is going on but she is getting scared and so am I. Any thoughts of what else she should be looking at? Really trust her doctor and he admits he is stumped by it. Just wondered what thoughts you might have about what to look at next.

    • Unofficially I would refer her to a maternal medicine specialist and also do an EKG of her heart. How long does she “pass out?” Is she unconscious? Does she lose urine when she passes out? Possible diagnosis could be a heart arrhythmia, a new onset seizure disorder or is it a gallbladder issue? A maternal fetal medicine referral (high risk specialist) would be recommended, especially since her primary OB is “stumped.” Hope this helps. Would appreciate you “liking” me on Facebook and buying a copy of The Smart Mother’s Guide to a Better Pregnancy available on my website You’ll find more helpful tips. Best of luck with the pregnancy.

      • She just gets very faint and can’t respond. She knows it is happening and can feel it coming on. She is always sitting when it happens and can’t see but can vaguely hear what is being said. Just can’t respond to anything. Only lasts a short time (a minute or less) but then she does not feel well the rest of the day. She does not lose urine when it happens but it is getting increasingly worse and more often. I had her call her doctor again today. We certainly understand that your advice is unofficial but we will continue to pursue this with what you said in mind and follow her doctors recommendations. Thank you so much for giving us a direction to look into. I did like you on Facebook and we will continue to follow you. Will also purchase the book you wrote. Thanks again for your help with this. You are doing a great thing here!

      • I would definitely obtain a maternal fetal medicine referral for her. It might also be something neurological. Does it happen after eating certain types of foods, i.e. fried foods or all types of food?

      • It is ALWAYS in the morning after breakfast. She eats a high protein cereal that she just switched to when her dr suggested she needed to eat more protein but it was happening before the switch to this Kashi high protein cereal. It is just getting worse over time. She is going to go right away for a 3 hour blood sugar study that we have now moved forward from the original date it was scheduled. She is 23 weeks along. We do have a history of heart problems within our family that concerns me but her doctor wants to rule out this blood sugar thing completely before we look at all the other things you suggested. I copied and pasted your ideas to his office and he found it very helpful. Thank you so much for consulting with us about this. We are wonderful to take the time, effort and show such interest. Just want my daughter and her baby to be okay and it does certainly make a mother worry! Thank you again!

      • It’s my pleasure. Sometimes milk doesn’t agree with pregnant patients, especially if they drink whole milk. I agree with your doc’s management. A 3-hr test is a good idea. Please keep me posted on how your daughter’s doing.

    • Just to update you on this my daughter went trhu this fainting for about 2 months then as randomly as it started it stopped. She worked with her doctor but the never did figure out why it was going on as everything they tested was fine. She is now about 3 weeks from having her baby (which turned out is a boy NOT a girl) and everything is going along fine. Guess we will never know why she was fainting and feeling so dizzy! Thanks for all your input and assistance! You are doing a wonderful thing here!

  5. Hi Linda , my wife is in first trimester , she had abortion 4 times before , our baby is 6 weeks 6 days as of today , we are staying in region of humid climate , I go to office in morning and return back in evening , she don’t have anyone to take her care in meantime , we want this child , we are even consulting doctor but place where I stay we don’t find good knowledgeable doctor to support us.
    She was feeling stomach ache few days before but now it’s ok , now she is feeling fainting from last two days. Due to stomach ache I stopped her high fibre food thinking it can be due to food poisoning or due to water. We even made sonography and saw that baby heart is beating. Please let me know considering all her history told now that what should be her diet henceforth and what all precautions should I take.

  6. I am 5 months pregnant and have been suffering from fainting spells. I have had three episodes in 3 weeks. People around me says that I appear to have lost all my blood because my face turns extreamly white. Just before passing out I feel really funny, I see a yellow light/ color. Upon waking up I’m so weak, really tired and my words are jumbled. I have been told that I have been unresponsive for up to 10 minutes and my eyes 100% dilate and my pluse becomes very faint. When my bp and sugar is checked it is fine.. Any suggestions??

    • Sorry to hear that, Christy. Of course you know I can’t advise you but can offer suggestions: First, contact your provider with your complaints. Second, find out what your iron level is (hematocrit or hemaglobin). Third, are you eating? Have a glucose test done to see if your blood sugar is too low. Fourth, have someone listen to your heart to make sure it’s okay. Hope this helps and thanks for your question.

  7. I am 4 months pregnant and have been dealing with fainting spells for the last two weeks. They come and go and vary in how bad they can get. Sometimes I’ll catch myself before I fall and sit down in time, but I still feel sick to my stomach afterwards and get a horrid migraine. Before I do faint, I feel like I’m going to throw up and then it turns into something like a hot flash right when I lose my vision. I’ve been tested for everything! I’m not anemic, diabetic, there’s not too much salt in my diet, I have a great blood pressure and heart beat, and my doctors say it’s just me being pregnant.

    I was put on a restriction to not stand for longer than an hour at a time especially at work, but I recently fainted within 30 minutes of my shift. I feel as if it is getting worse, but I’ve had 3 different doctors tell me all my tests come back just fine.

    Is there anything I can do?

    • Hi Shannon,
      Sorry to hear about your challenges. Do you lose complete consciousness when you faint or do you get dizzy and fall down but are still alert? Do you eat fried foods? Sometimes the gallbladder can’t process fried foods and you can get nauseous and develop headaches. Do you work outside or inside? Are you exposed to excessive sunlight or heat? Has anyone listened to your heart? An EKG would be helpful if the heart sounds are abnormal. Because you have negative test results of the obvious, an EKG would be a good idea anyway. Once you’ve answered the questions, it would give me a better idea of your history. Thanks for your question.

      • Sorry about not getting back to you. No, I rarely eat fried foods since I got pregnant. My husband and I thought it wise to completely cut out anything fast food or deep fried and we go out to eat MAYBE once a week. Even then, we make sure it’s something balanced. When I fainted, I lost complete consciousness, but regained it fairly quickly. I work inside a well air conditioned Bed, Bath, and Beyond at the customer service desk. I’m not exposed to a lot of sun light or heat and I’ve had an EKG because I was told I had had a very light (harmless) heart murmur when I was 17. I’m currently 23. I do have acute asthma, though, which has lately been considered nothing more than adult asthma because I haven’t been on any daily medication since I was 19.

  8. Hi Shannon. Have you had a recent EKG in light of your complaints? The association with headache might suggest low blood sugar but an EKG would be helpful because of your history of having a heart murmur at age 17. Because of the fainting that’s associated with loss of consciousness a cardiology consult might be helpful where sometimes patients are given a Holter monitor that monitors your heartbeat and rhythm for a 24 to 48 hour period. These are suggestions (not medical advice) that you might want to discuss with your healthcare provider.

  9. I am 31 pregnant with my second pregnancy (my first ended at 16 weeks due to cord wrapping four times around his neck) I have been getting very dizzy room spinning and then I go to the ground I am usually unconscious but I do fall down and regain my composure a few minutes after. I noticed that the first few times it happened my heart rate got extremely fast within an hour before however it doesn’t happen every time. What is going on with me?

    • Hi Candie,
      Thanks for your comment. Sometime during the 3rd trimester, the hormones change and some pregnant moms complain of feeling dizzy. You need to have your iron count (hemoglobin or hematocrit) checked to make sure your iron is not too low. An EKG of the heart should also be done if you think your heart races during these episodes. And the most important thing you can do is alert your healthcare provider of these symptoms. Please let me know how things work out.

    • Hi Tumi,
      This is a great question. Stress is a topic that can’t be measured in terms of numbers but clearly it affects are body in several adverse ways. A “lot of stress” to one person may mean only a “little stress” to another. Finding out the cause of stress is the first step towards the healing. Ingrid Prueher is a Prenatal Stress Management Coach who you might want to seek. Here is her link Other helpful stress reducers are Pregnancy Yoga, meditation and prayer. You might also speak to your healthcare provider about this problem to see what he or she might offer.

    • Hi Tumi, I’m Ingrid Prueher the Pre and Postnatal Stress Management Coach Dr. Galloway referenced in her post. Your body is telling you that what ever you are doing right now is not working. My first recommendation, especially because you are pregnant, is to chat with your healthcare provider. You might be fainting because you have stress in your life, or because you are not getting enough calories for you and baby, or because you have gestational diabetes. These are only possible reasons but now you see why it’s so important to reach out to your healthcare provider as soon as possible. We also want to make sure that in conjunction with seeking help from your healthcare provider, you are also taking time to diminish the stress that is going on in your life. Try focusing on giving gratitude for what you have instead of allowing things that are out of your control to take over. Right now, we need a strong, happy momma so her baby can be healthy. If you are going to look into incorporating any form of exercise, please make sure to clear it with your healthcare provider. If you are not doing so already, please make sure that you are drinking enough water throughout the day and decrease the amount of sweets in your diet. I send you lots of hugs and wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. If you need to get in touch for further help, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via

  10. hi
    am 28 weeks and suffered severe hyperemesis gravidarum the first 4 months of my pregnancy. had been feeling ok but am beginning to feel tired and dizzy as well as headaches what could be the cause the first time it took place i was standing i a que just felt dizzy and passed out for a few minutes though when i wake up i feel hot and sweat, running nose and feel like throwing up. the second was today felt ok in the morning but when i was in a taxi on my my to work i passed out was sitting it was a bit hot in the taxi i felt hot and dizzy blacked out the next thing i woke up the taxi had stopped and someone was trying to talk to me i was confused and i had vommited all over. pliz advise on this problem.

    • Hi Sarah,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your challenges. Have you discussed this with your physician or midwife? Unofficially, I would request an ultrasound of the gallbladder to make certain you don’t have gallstones, especially since you’ve had vomiting issues during the first trimester. Hyperemesis usually subsides by the 12 week and since yours lasted until 16 weeks may indicate that they was something else going on. Having said that, other things to consider are your diet. Are you eating fried foods, dairy products, foods with lots of fat grams can sometimes cause vomiting problems. Legally, my comments cannot be construed as “advice” but I would strongly encourage you to discuss this issues with your provider. I truly hope you feel better in the near future.


  11. Hi, thanks for your informative article. I am 36 weeks pregnant and passed out for over half an hour a few days ago.

    I had eaten cereal before walking a mile to my clinic (1-3 miles a day was normal for me pre-pregnancy and I’ve been active during pregnancy.) I felt ok, but after half an hour sitting in the waiting room, I began to have trouble breathing, which isn’t that uncommon at this point. I stood up to walk around, which usually relieves the pressure, but I felt worse.

    When they called me back to my appointment I sat down for my routine checkup and suddenly I couldn’t breathe and began to hyperventilate uncontrollably before passing out. I remember a few minutes of being unable to see or speak and hearing distant voices, but I had no idea I was out for a half hour.

    They took me to the hospital and did a variety of tests– blood sugar, EKG, blood and urine, etc. Everything came back normal except my urine showed dehydration.

    My worry is that it could happen again and since I don’t know what triggered it, I don’t know how to avoid it. I’ve had a lot of nausea and dizziness throughout my pregnancy, even in these last few weeks, although my iron levels are normal and I’m eating at pretty regular intervals.

    Would mild dehydration be enough to trigger it by itself? And if so why was it preceded by difficulty breathing?

    • Thanks for your comment. Walking a mile coupled with not drinking enough fluids might have contributed to your fainting episode. During the last 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, the body requires additional fluid in anticipation of the delivery where you will lose fluids and blood. Because you were walking a long distance with a large, pregnant uterus, the blood (which carries oxygen) had difficulty reaching the heart and lungs where it would receive oxygen, hence the shortness of breath. Speak to your doctor regarding whether he or she would approve such activity. Very happy things turned out okay and thanks for your comment regarding the article. Hope you’ll “like” us on Facebook and spread the words to your friends.

      Wishing you a healthy delivery.

  12. i just faint in a bank in town and fall on the floor and hit my head i am 5 1/2 mouth gone and still being sick alot and i am get really bad headaches nearly all the time ive told my midwives she said it comen but i didnot have any of this with my ohter children please get back to me soon as u can thank you

  13. Something like #4 has happened to me a couple of times in the past few days, first I feel like I’m going to get sick (I colse my eyes when I feel like this is going to happen bc it helps me not throw up) and feel like I can’t breath so I gasp for air, then I get. Reallyy dizzy and feel like I’m spinning so I have to hold on to something or I will fall, then it will get so bad that my eyes will be open but I can’t see like I’m blind and I also cant hear anything but my bf’s voice when he asks me if I’m alright even that is faded and shakey I’m under water, I have to sit. Down untill my sight and hearing commes back. I’m not 100% sure if I’m pregnant but I’m pretty positive. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

  14. Hello,
    I am currently 15 weeks with my third pregnancy and all is going well. I have concerns because with my last two in the third trimester I begin to feel weak/tired/yucky. It’s very hard to explain the feeling but with my first the symptoms seemed to be related to milk of after having a bowl of cereal and also needing to have a bm. I blacked out once and was told my eyes were open although all I saw was black. with my second I had the same symptoms again, thought it had something to do with milk and having a bm. I also fainted for about a minute at around 8 months but the er docs felt it was dehydration. My OB suggested eating proteins, then he suggested to always have a piece of candy on me. none of that helped the situation and I have never been told what this is or what triggers it. Today I had a bowl of cereal and felt drained/weak. Had to take a nap to feel better. So far with this pregnancy, the symptoms when I have milk happen also. I would just like to know what to suggest to my OB to check me for. My past sugar tests have always been normal, no GD. Any insight would be very much appreciated.
    thank you!

  15. Yesterday after eating dinner with my family I stopped by my husbands job to visit him. Well I ended up feeling like I may get sick and needed to use the restroom so my husband took me into his jobs bathroom. On the way I got dizzy couldn’t feel my legs and ended up passing out. I hit my head on the wall on the way down. I know I am not anemic or had blood sugar problems as I had just eaten. Do you have any medical information about what this could possibly be. I went to the er but it was midnight after waiting for many many hours in the er I left because we had my daughter.

  16. I am 6 weeks pregnant and Yesterday after eating dinner with my family I stopped by my husbands job to visit him. Well I ended up feeling like I may get sick and needed to use the restroom so my husband took me into his jobs bathroom. On the way I got dizzy couldn’t feel my legs and ended up passing out. I hit my head on the wall on the way down. I know I am not anemic or had blood sugar problems as I had just eaten. Do you have any medical information about what this could possibly be. I went to the er but it was midnight after waiting for many many hours in the er I left because we had my daughter.

  17. So since I can’t get a straight answer from a doctor, maybe you can help? I am 9 weeks pregnant with my first child. Just this last week I have been getting tired easily and extremely dizzy. And not just slightly, but enough to make me puke and then have a “blackout”stage where I can’t see or hear anything, but continue standing. I can’t sit down whenever I want to. I’m a cashier so I stand 8-9 hours a day. Any ideas? Doctors keep telling me different things.

    • Hi Brittany,
      There are many reasons why women faint during their pregnancy. Are you eating? During your first trimester, some women feel nauseous and don’t eat. If your blood sugar gets too low from not eating you’ll faint. If you iron level is too low, you’ll faint. Speak to your doctor about possibly getting a note to seat while you work or get breaks after 2 or 3 hours if you have to stand. Hope this information helps.

  18. I am 14 weeks pregnant and just yesterday fainted for the second time in my pregnancy (first time was at 10 weeks and was told by medics I was overheated). With yesterdays episode I was out for about a minute to a minute and a half I was told, my mother took me to the ER and they did an EKG and a head CT both of which were normal. I was very unresponsive when we arrived and passed out again for about 30 seconds while there. Once I was laying down and was given fluids I felt better. I drink about 4-5 32oz. bottles of water a day so I’m pretty sure it couldn’t be dehydration. I started to feel like I was going to faint again today while sitting at my desk a a co-worker had me drink water and put my feet up and I started feeling better. I’m scared this is going to happen when I’m home alone or while driving. I’m following up with my doctor tomorrow but after reading this wanted to see if you had any thoughts. Both episodes (today and yesterday) happened while I was seated, I only seem to be ok or find relief while laying down with my legs elevated.

  19. Hello im Jennifer i just found out im pregnant.. i still haven’t gone to the doctors.. my situation is i always feel like im going to faint. i also cannot eat. my body wants food but is really picky… I feel like im starving.. I also have morning sickness.. this will b my 3rd pregnancy… please help me im very desperate…. :(,,,

    • Hi Jennifer. The first thing you must do is go to the doctor because of the symptoms that you describe.You feel faint because you’re not eating. Your doctor or midwife might be able to prescribe something that will take care of the morning sickness.

  20. I am 23 weeks pregnant with my second child. First pregnancy was totally normal and only a few complications with delivery ( couldn’t dialate, allergic to epidural, complications with spinal during cesarean). This pregnancy I have been passing out very regularly for the last two months both standing and sitting or lying down. Usually when I am very calm and relaxed. One time for 10+mins I was out cold. Usually when I pass out it is only for a few seconds to minutes. I get a hard chest pain with very fast palpitations followed by difficulty breathing then I get dizzy, see black dots then pass out. I went to see a cardiologist and was given a 24 hr heart monitor. The result was normal sinus rythym with some sinus tachycardia and moments of intense tachycardia. I am getting mailed a 30 monitor and being put on bed rest. My question is : could this be the baby lying on my vagal nerve? Should I ask to be referred to a high risk doctor? How is this affecting my baby? I’m scared for both of us, is there reason why i should be worried?

    • Hi Lauren,
      Based on your description, I would encourage you to see a high risk maternal fetal medicine specialist so that he or she can do further evaluation. The chest palpitations might be cardiac related or a thyroid problem might need to be investigated. Hope things get better for you.

  21. Hi Linda, i‘m 39 weeks pregnant and ive been feeling very dizzy like im gonna faint and even when i breath slower to help with my heart beating fast it just seems to make it worse. im scared that when im breathing alot when i go into labour that im gonna end up passing out and not see my son be born. The doctors cant seem to figure what this is all they said was that my bloodpressure is low. What is your advice?

    • Hi Caitlyn. Hopefully someone has done an EKG to make sure that your heart’s okay. Perhaps you’ve already had the baby by name. Had some technical difficulties with my blog account and didn’t see this.

  22. I am 15 weeks pregnant with my second child, first pregnancy had no complications. About three weeks ago, I passed out at work. I was out for about 6 minutes and was totally unconscious. I got a weird feeling then my vision went black and then I woke up on the floor. I was taken by ambulance where they did all kids of tests, including an EKG. Everything was normal so they sent me home. That was on a Monday, the following Friday I went back to work and the same thing happened again but I was out for around three minutes and taken by ambulance, where tests were done and I was sent home again. I didn’t try going back to work anymore, and I saw my obgyn who says this is normal. I thought it was over but then I went to the store with my sister and it happened again this past Friday. Still no answers and my doctor isn’t concerned. Every time I have been standing for 30-45 minutes and when I wake up I have an awful headache. Any ideas on what this may be?

    • Hi Brooke. Sorry to hear that you’re having such challenges during this pregnancy. Although your EKG is “normal,” you might ask for a cardiology consult where they would give you a Holter monitor to wear for 24 hrs to rule out any abnormal heart patterns. Have you been eating? What’s your blood sugar like? A neurology consult might not be a bad idea or at least a consult with a high-risk OB specialist (Maternal Fetal Medicine). These are just some suggestions. Please keep in touch and let me know how things are going.

  23. I’m 6 weeks pregnant an I was in the shower had a sharp pain in my right lower quadtent felt my right leg curl up an next thing I know I’m on the floor. When I came to I tried to stand up but for a few seconds didn’t even know where I was or what I was doing, I finally made it up an was extremely dizzy an disoriented started to panic because my 2 yr old son was asleep in bed. Tried getting out of the shower but my body wouldn’t move as my brain was telling it to move…… What’s wrong with me I’m worried and scared?

    • Reyna, I think you need to report these findings to your physician or midwife immediately so that you may have further tests. A consult with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists would prove to be very helpful.

    • Hi Reyna,
      Sorry you’re having those issues. I hope that you’ve discussed this with your physician or midwife so that you can have further tests done. Thanks for sharing your experience. Hope things get better in the near future.

  24. I am 16 weeks pregnant I drink a lot of water and I try to eat healthy. If I am standing or walking around for more than two minutes I get really dizzy. If I push my self to stand or walk longer my hearing starts to go. I feel like I have no strength at all. I feel weak all the time. I’m not sure if this is normal?

    • Hi Amber,
      I think you might want to discuss your symptoms with your physician or midwife. You might need to be referred to a neurologist and/or cardiologist for further evaluation. Hope you get better soon.

  25. hello there, i am currently in my 2nd trimister and i still get dizzy. sometimes i get really dizzy and about to faint, my hearing and eye sight then also are blurry and can barly hear, i would need to sit down for abit and then i would start vomiting. is this something normal during the 2nd trimister? or do i need to go see a doctor about it ?

  26. I’m 11 weeks pregnant and I was waiting in a line at a one day sale on jewellery and I felt so faint I sat down on the floor in front of everyone, my ears went funny and couldn’t hear much and my vision went blurry and 10 minutes later when I was standing at the check out and it happend again, really hot flush then ears went funny and vision blurry and sat on the floor before I fell. I couldn’t stop shaking and felt so numb and drinking coke didn’t help much. My blood pressure is normally 108/60 with 98 pulse, I suffer bad morning sickness and can’t eat bugger all is this causing me to almost faint??

    • Hi Samantha,
      Yes, your symptoms could cause you to faint because you’re not getting enough calories. Please speak to your physician or healthcare provider and the best of luck with the pregnancy.

  27. Just wanted to comment that it’s great you’ve written about this problem. I was induced with my 1st at 37 weeks because the fainting was so frequent and all neuro/cardio tests that could’ve done didn’t lend any ’cause.’ I was evaluated post partum at a faint/fall clinic at a research hospital and was diagnosed with vasovagal syncopy–likely worse when I’m pregnant and more manageable when I’m not. Now, I’m 33 weeks with my 2nd and on beta blockers to help manage but again, fainting often and/or having symptoms. It’s my last pregnancy as I’ve taken this as a sign that I don’t do pregnancy well, but mostly, have felt like a medical mystery. It’s reassuring to know the fainting isn’t dangerous per say (assuming I don’t fall), but, the 3rd trimester is tough for me. I was thrilled to find in the comments other women have had similar experiences–though, I think based on the incidents I fall into the ‘extreme’ category. At any rate, nice to feel a little less alone.

    • Thanks for your comment, Katie and hopefully this pregnancy will be better for you. No, you’re not alone and it IS nice that women are willing to share their stories. That’s what a real community is all about.

  28. I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant with my second child and I’ve been experiencing strange episodes, after I stand (I stand up slowly) I get a sharp pain in my chest that pulsates, I get really short of breath (like I’ve just gone running) and I feel like I’m going to pass out. I have not actually fainted but it feels close. My body feels weak and I feel like my legs a jello and my arms are mush. Although I realize you cannot give a medical opinion, I would greatly appreciate some advice or an informed suggestion.

    • Hi Kelce,
      Based on your description, I would definitely alert my physician or midwife as to your symptoms. They might want to do some thyroid tests and refer you to a maternal fetal specialist for further evaluation. Sometimes wearing a special monitor, called a Holter Monitor for 24 hours gives clues as to what the problem might be. Hope this helps. Dr. Linda

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