Ovulation and Trying to Get Pregnant: Timing is Everything

If you’re trying to get pregnant, you need a well developed strategy, especially if you are 35 and older.  Although 50% of pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned, trying to get pregnant can still be a challenge.

One of the most important things that need to be established for women trying to conceive is to make sure that they have regular cycles or have a period every month. A regular monthly period means that the ovaries are working and producing eggs. If your menstrual cycles are irregular or skipping months, you are most likely not ovulating and need to determine why. The most common reason for irregular periods is polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition where the ovary contains many cysts and don’t produce eggs. Therefore, iIf you have an irregular menstrual cycle and want to get pregnant, you should make an appt to see your physician right away

Ideally, you want to have sexual relations at least 36 hours before the egg is released so that fertilization can occur. The sperm can survive for 96 hours which gives it plenty of time to fertilize an egg. However, how do you when ovulation will occur? This is the key to a successful pregnancy.

Taking a temperature was the way women determined whether they were ovulating and it was not user-friendly. Some women did not want to be bothered using a thermometer on a daily basis. An easier ovulation method is to test a woman’s urine for an LH (luteinizing hormone) surge which indicates that ovulation will occur in the next 36 hours. These ovulation kits can be performed at home and are available in the dollar store.

76% of couples successfully conceived within one month of using an ovulation kit as opposed to 50% of couples who didn’t. So, if you’re trying to conceive in a hurry, using an ovulation kit might just be the way to go.

What Every Woman Should Know About Dollar Store Ovulation Kits!

ovulation-kit-midstreams_pic1 So here we go again! First a dollar pregnancy test and now an ovulation test for the same great price ($1.00)

Three cheers for SCI International, the manufacturer of these super products.

After the tremendous positive response to my earlier post regarding the $1.00 pregnancy test, I received a phone call from SCI’s Vice President, Mr. Abedi. He was delighted that the blog was well received and I in turn was delighted with his product. He explained that the company’s only makes a few cents above its production cost but that they deal in volume. It was so refreshing to hear about a company that wasn’t going to bankrupt its customers in order to make a profit. Abedi continued to describe the company’s array of products including an ovulation kit for $1.00. You can only imagine how far my jaw dropped. As a former infertility patient, I am well-versed with ovulation kits and could not believe they were being sold for . . . a dollar? Abedi quickly added that the ovulation kits were only available at the Dollar Tree store. So, off I went to my local Dollar Tree store to see for myself.

Upon my arrival and to my utter delight, both pregnancy and ovulation tests were readily available. The pregnancy tests were behind the counter while the ovulation kits were displayed up front. The cashier must have read my mind and offered the following explanation: The pregnancy tests are a popular item among teens who attempt to steal them. And the ovulation kits are displayed in front of the cash register because “teens are not trying to get pregnant.” It made perfect sense. And just like their pregnancy test counterpart, the ovulation tests are 99% accurate.

Quality and at affordable prices. Who would want to pay more?